Libby Babbott-Klein

Bestselling author of BABY FEMINISTS


I produced, wrote, and edited this Earth Day Remix of Biz Markie's classic, "Just a Friend." Step one: convincing Biz Markie to re-record with our Earth Day lyrics. 

One of my favorites – a community appeal to protect the Clean Air Act. I produced, wrote, directed, edited, and even shot a fair amount of the video on this one. And yes, I have a cameo. And yes, so does Alec Baldwin. 

2010 midterm elections. I edited these videos of powerful speeches by the president and First Lady. 

The people spoke, and the people are not down with ruining the planet. The goal: convince legislators that they should act. I produced and edited 26 grassroots ads for cable television buys across the country. We were going for an authentic homemade aesthetic. Video for the people by the people. 

I produced and edited this Keyboard Cat Fail video after the BP oil spill. 

I won't say this is one of my best videos... but I got to meet Leo, so swoon. I shot, produced, and edited this one. 

I produced this man's story of why clean energy is important to Akron, Oh. 

I wrote, produced, shot much of, and edited this appeal by Californians to vote no on prop 23. 


This is an old piece I did. I made it with one other person. We both produced, shot, directed, and edited. I included this not because the color or the cinematography is so extraordinary (we were learning), but because I still love this story. 

Branded Content

I did a significant amount of work for Subway Sandwiches as part of their Fresh Artist Series. I was the producer on this three-part story, featuring their new breakfast menu. 

I executive produced this three-episode series for Subway. 

And I also executive produced this three-episode series for Subway. This one, episode two, is my favorite. Oh hello, Miss Egg White.

Seven-part choose your own adventure for Clearasil. I did the on-set brand support.